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Funny pictures

funny pictures

Deadly carbs

Breakfast is most important meal of day

People who love Michael Jackson

How to irritate your coworker

Advertising versus reality

Am I gone?

Whoa, now that's supersize!

A human paintbrush

Restroom sign in poor English

These cats ate my junk food!

Watch out for potholes!

Join me for a dip in the poolFunny pictures

What happened to "Little Nemo" in Japan?

Nice shoes

This guy looks like "Mr. Incredible"    

Some kids will sleep anywhere!

Cat with two tails and eight paws 

Two-headed snake

Two-headed tortoise

Two-headed turtle

Weird grocery store clerk who irritates me

My poodle & I are twins

Mini-me & pug twins

How to make a superhero fall flat on his face

Weird bathing suit    funny pictures

World's longest eel

Man-sized fish

Help, it's a squid ghost!

Squids on the beach

Get a haircut, man!

Whoa, you could make a roof out of this!

Interesting new hobby

Parents email their computer-a-holic son

Computer-a-holic spends quality time with the kids

Pets in Halloween costumes

Doggie ghosts!

Dog pumpkin

My dog is a dishwasher

Mom, can I keep him?     funny pictures

Just folliwng orders

Telling it like it is with an awful sign

Look out below!

Another soaking surprise

Want ketchup or mustard?

How clean is your toothbrush?

Beauty is skin deep

The rising price of gasoline     funny pictures

Stop looking at me like that!

Hippo eats dwarf     

Stressed-out sand castle

I'm not exaggerating about my blind date; she is a monkey girl!

Here's a better match for the monkey-girlfunny pictures

She was expecting a car

Cloning wonder: bird dog     

Is it a cat or a turtle?

Turtle car

Snake trick

Dalmation catapillar

Weird place for cat to nap

Camelion dog

Porcupine attacks dog

Porcupine within cactus

Is this a bridge or a ship?

Hilarious! Actual complaint letter from disgruntled airplane passenger

Passenger complaint letter (page 2) & page 3page 4

Some kids are good eaters      

Pandas just wanna have fun

Bun in the oven, alive and kicking

Swinging Star Wars

 funny pictures