Gamblers and Abstainers:

Either way, you're hit the jackpot with children!


By Nicky VanValkenburgh

Have you ever thought of children as a risk? You may not believe in gambling. The thought of playing Blackjack, buying lottery tickets, going to casinos, or putting quarters in slot machines probably does not appeal to you. As a parent, you probably abstain from all forms of gambling. You might consider it to be morally wrong. Or maybe the risk is too great. You could lose money. Or even your dignity.gamblers and abstainers


When it comes to gambling, are you an Abstainer? You prefer to stay away or distance yourself from gambling, and have nothing to do with it.


In reality, every parent is a gambler! This concept may surprise you, but think about it for a moment.Bringing children into this world is an incredible risk.It’s like putting a quarter in a slot machine, and pulling the lever. You have no way of knowing the outcome. You may see the wheels turning, and hope for a big win.However, you ultimately get whatever comes out.

There’s no money-back guarantee. No return policy. No exchanges if it’s the wrong shape, size or color. In case of defects, no replacement is available. Customer service? Sorry, there isn’t any. You must handle all complaints, grievances, malfunctions and unmet expectations.


Yes, being a parent isn’t Wal-Mart. There is an incredible financial, physical and emotional risk in having children. It’s a gamble. Unfortunately, being a parent makes you a gambler.


What are our odds of winning at this game? Most expectant mothers take precautions to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We get regular medical check-ups. We eat healthy foods, abstain from smoking and alcohol, and may even exercise to stay fit.


Every mother wants the odds to be in her favor. She does everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome. Even so, there is still an incredible risk in bringing children into this world. Why take such a big risk? Perhaps the perceived benefits of having children outweigh the risks. Or maybe, we’ve already put our coin into the slot machine, and there is no turning back.


Your child is like a little gold coin that tumbles out of the slot machine. You’ve hit the jackpot. That’s right, your child is a winner. What are you going to do with your winning prize?

It's time for a celebration. Whether you have a baby, preschooler or a youngster in elementary school— treasure your child. Take time to talk with them, read books, play games, and spend lots of time together. Encourage your child to ask questions. Be a good listener. Encourage your child to share their feelings and insights. Perhaps the most valuable thing you can give your child is your time, love and attention. Let’s make the most of today and cherish it with our children.


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